What is Medical Qigong?

Medical qigong is a 3,500+ year old system of health care that targets the root causes of symptoms, illness, and disease to promote the healthy flow of energy (qi). According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one’s state of being (illness/disease or health/wellness) is a result of energetic patterns.

For example, think of a pond that doesn't have fresh water flowing through it. What happens to that water? It becomes stagnant and bacteria starts to grow. The same is true for our bodies, which are mostly made of water. If you have a sedentary job that keeps you seated most of the day, your energy becomes stuck and stagnant. We need flow and movement to maintain optimal health.

See below for more about Medical Qigong Treatments:

  • Treatment techniques

  • What a typical session is like

  • What you can experience during/after a treatment

Medical Qigong Treatment Techniques

The same components of a personal qigong practice - purging, tonifying, and regulating - are applied when performing a Medical Qigong treatment. A Medical Qigong Therapist uses a variety of techniques to promote healthy patterns of energy.

  • Meditations, visualizations, and concentrated attention

  • Specific hand movements to purge, tonify, and regulate the patient's energy

  • Acupoint therapy (applying pressure to specific points on the body)

  • Sound healing (using vibrations to break up energy blocks)

What is a Typical Session Like?

  • A 90-minute session includes a 1-hour treatment and 30-minutes of discussion.

  • To begin, past and current physical, emotional, and/or spiritual challenges or symptoms will be discussed, along with any specific area(s) of focus.

  • The client generally lies face-up on the treatment table while clothed (ideally with socks removed), while the practitioner performs some or all of the techniques mentioned above.

  • Afterward, the client will be asked to share their experiences.

  • Then the Medical Qigong Therapist will share her insights, and will recommend a qigong exercise or meditation based on her assessment.

  • Practicing the recommended technique in-between treatments - and thereby actively participating in one's own healing - is highly encouraged to supplement Medical Qigong treatments.

What Could I Experience During/After a Treatment?

People's experiences vary based on their level of awareness, energetic sensitivity, and other factors. 

Some examples include: 

  • Deep state of relaxation (ex: You may fall asleep during the treatment. Clients have reported improved sleep after receiving treatments.)

  • Tingling, buzzing, hot/warm, cold/cool, and/or pulsating sensations in the body

  • Emotional and/or physical release(s)

  • Increased awareness (ex: Insight into past or present challenges)

  • Visions (ex: Seeing colors)