Prior to meeting Sarah, I had never heard of qigong. I initially understood it as some sort of a mixture of eastern medicine and yoga. I walked into my treatment not really knowing what to expect, immediately though Sarah’s energy set the tone. She invited me into her treatment space, a very tranquil inviting space. She explained how the treatment would go, including a sort of intake, or check in, asking if there was anything going on physically or otherwise that I thought was important to share before the treatment. She was very professional, but not in a cold, distant way. She did some cleansing movements to clear her energy and the space, and then started the treatment. There were moments of light to firm touch as she examined the qi in various parts of my body.

During the treatment I felt her energy, and could feel mine change. It varied from seeing certain colors to feeling pressure relieved in my chest where I later found out she had done extensive cleansing work. Post-treatment, she checked in with what I felt and saw and then compared it to her notes. I had a very emotional reaction to how on point her notes were with my experience. I left feeling lighter and renewed. I am a believer in qigong now, and Sarah is the real deal! She knows her stuff, and cares deeply about her craft. I would recommend her and this treatment style to anyone with an open and willing spirit. It can be life changing, really!!
— MJ
Sarah is an amazing practitioner. I felt relaxed and enlightened during our session. She taught me to think about each organ system in a different way than I had learned in clinical medicine. I really appreciated the prescribed exercises and found them very helpful when I did them on my own.
— Dr. Lisa D.
I experienced a true healing with Sarah. Before the treatment I was suffering from nausea and intestinal discomfort, but as she proceeded to work, I began to feel a deep, euphoric relaxation and a lightness of body. By the end of the treatment I felt 100% better and was able to remain active throughout the day. I’m also an energy worker and can tell from my experience that Sarah is very good with energy. I also found her sense of humor and gentle nature to be very refreshing.
— Paul, Medical Qigong Therapist
I had the pleasure of receiving a medical Qi Gong treatment from Sarah. I have had energy work done before, however, this energy work was so much more peaceful and personal. Sarah was incredibly professional and I felt at ease the entire time that I was in her space. During the actual treatment, I experienced visual and physical sensations; after which I was able to discuss with Sarah.

At the conclusion of the treatment session, and the discussion about how I felt and what I experienced, Sarah recommended a couple of exercises to address the sensitivities that were experienced during the session. She even did a follow up to see how the recommended exercises were going. If you are looking for energy treatment from an individual that is honest, and dedicated to their work, I would highly recommend Sarah, for her intentions and energy are clear, calming, and healing.
— K. Bitz
I just cannot believe the block that it removed, allowing me to identify one of the main reasons I struggle with connecting emotional pain with physical locations. I feel the process allowed me to connect the physical manifestations of discomfort with my spiritual consciousness, without needing my subconscious permission. It’s been very helpful in identifying what I need to do continue moving forward in life.
— John Kennedy
After having a Medical Qigong treatment with Sarah I felt lighter and free.  She is extremely knowledgeable and has a comforting way about her.  Her intention is sincere and the healing that takes place is physically noticeable.  If you are on a healing path or just need an energetic boost I would recommend Sarah Karp.  
— L. Duffey
I found Sarah to be a very capable practitioner of QiGong. What struck me most about her was her professionalism and personable manner — she took the time to explain her methods and outcome in a way I could understand and appreciate.  I can’t quite describe it, other than I always felt refreshed and at ease after each session, and a bit more knowledgeable about my state of health.
— HB
I have had several treatments from Sarah in the past year. I have a habit of holding on to stress and I have always felt 100% relaxed after Sarah works on me. She does an excellent job of balancing listening to me about what I need, describing what she will be doing during the treatment and giving me feedback at the end.

I recently experienced a hearing loss in one ear and Sarah is now treating me for that condition. It is too early to tell if the treatments will improve the condition; and, to be truthful, I haven’t been doing the exercises she prescribed as often as I should. Which brings me to another reason I would highly recommend Sarah – she never makes me feel guilty when I haven’t managed to do the exercises. She is completely focused on helping me figure out the best way to fit the exercises in my schedule. You can’t ask for a better health partner than that. :)
— Janna K
I first used my daughter’s qigong services in mid-2017. I was certainly skeptical before the treatment, but her approach was very professional and knowledgeable, and I grew comfortable and relaxed quickly. Her treatment space was quiet and soothing. I did not know what to expect but shortly into the session and (without any prompting or other suggestion) I began to “see” (with closed eyes) a variety of moving colors.

Sarah explained their meaning and significance to me at the end of the session, and gave me some exercises for the deficiencies which she found. It was fascinating to learn how different colors relate to different organs and their functioning, something which had never occurred to me before. I did not fall asleep during the session but I felt rested and calm at the end of it. It was a great experience, and I look forward to the future sessions.
— D. Karp
I recently saw Sarah for a medical qigong treatment. The room was warm and welcoming and very comfortable. Sarah started with an introduction to medical qigong and what to expect. She did a thorough history on what issues I was having and what I was hoping to get out the treatment. Afterwards she provided at home exercises to enhance and continue treatment on my own. It was my first foray into alternative medicine therapy and Sarah was excellent practitioner. I would recommend to anyone to check it out and see what it can do for you.
— M. Campbell
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I experienced my first qigong treatment with Sarah. She offered multiple dates and times to facilitate the session, which made scheduling very easy. I remember feeling immediately at peace in the treatment room. The soothing music combined with Sarah’s professionalism in making me feel comfortable helped open me up to the experience.

During the treatment, I felt relaxed and more attune to my body. Afterwards, Sarah answered all of my questions. She gave me clear, vivid descriptions about the energy she felt and saw during the practice. For example, I remember her describing yellow bouncing balls as playful energy in one of my organs. After the session, she gave me exercises to grow positive, healing energies in my organs that needed it the most. The exercises were completely doable, which made me feel successful in my practice. Overall, Sarah created an open, welcoming environment that made me feel entirely at ease experiencing my first qigong treatment.
— Geraldine Fiesta-Righter
I️t was my first time trying healing using Medical Qigong. Sarah was professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole entire session. She explained what I️ should expect during our hour-long session, which helped me relax and be more receptive to the treatment. I️ would definitely recommend Sarah as a healer. Her calming positive energy made the whole experience great.
— A. Foster
As someone without much understanding of energy work, I was impressed and thankful for Sarah’s approachability, professionalism, and knowledge. She explained everything with patience and understanding. I felt comfortable and in safe hands throughout the entire practice.
— Amber G.
I had the pleasure of going to Sarah for my first session ever. She was very professional and able to explain the process in a way that made me comfortable. I do warn you, it will be hard to stay awake due to the calming nature of the room!
— ET
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